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Nerium Ad

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Nerium AD


Nerium AD

The Science Behind:

ST&T Research

Nerium AD

Nerium AD

full confidence in the
use of the product.
“ST&T has performed
many studies,
and the NeriumAD
product results were
says Scott.

When it came time for clinical testing to occur on Nerium AD,

Nerium SkinCare reached out to ST&T Research of San
Francisco. Comprised of a group of prominent M.D. & Ph.D.
pharmacologists/toxicologists and other physicians, scientists,
researchers, and regulatory compliance specialists, ST&T’s team
possesses the product-oriented talent and experience to provide
specialized consultation, targeted consumer research, new
product and brand development, packaging/label compliance,
and environmental review. ST&T specialists work in concert
with the world’s finest universities, research institutions, product
manufacturers, legal and regulatory organizations (FDA-FTC),
and customs/transportation entities.

Michael Scott, President of ST&T, ensures that strict scientific
data is used in clinical trials. Scott believes that good science
should be designed and performed in a manner that allows other
researchers utilizing the same set of variables to reproduce the same results.

The clinical trials for Nerium AD
were performed under these same exacting standards.
Says Scott, “ST&T Clinical and Research created a skin research protocol for
each new study that outlines the following: who conducts the
study, what product is used, how the product is to be used
(I.e. How much), how often, and under what circumstances. In
The process, the subjects are studied for each visit, removing
Makeup, cleaning their face, allowing their face to calm for 15
Minutes prior to scan, etc.”

Due to the thoroughness of these studies, Nerium AD consumers can have full confidence in the
Use of the product. “Until recently, the skin testing methodology and equipment relied upon mostly
Subjective findings,” says Scott. “However, ST&T’s technology now incorporates the latest skin
Research systems that objectively measure and quantify changes in the appearance of skin over time.
Consumers can now see evidence of the changes in skin appearance for themselves. ST&T has
Performed in many studies, and the Nerium AD product results were extraordinary.”

The skin-scanning system that ST&T utilizes is specifically designed for research, while other skin
Scanners are designed for spas, utilizing software designed to help the spa sell product through
Quantifying and reporting subtle changes in pigment, oil, wrinkles, and sun damage.
ST&T continued studying many of the research participants up to 90 days (some even for six months)
And found that subjects were able to maintain their results and show smoother, healthier-looking skin.
“Participants were enthusiastic about their results and wanted to know when the product would be
Available in the market so they could get more after their complimentary sample ran out,” says Scott.
Scott is clearly impressed by Nerium Ad Skin Care’s dedication to producing only scientifically proven
Products: “Few companies over the years develop original products; most are copycats who simply
Find what is selling and make a package with their name on it. An even smaller number of these
Companies test their products objectively. Nerium AD Skin Care is a research-based company which has
Created an original product based on unique ingredients not found in any other skin care product.

They have performed original research on their formula since at least 2008, And the research continues today with nerium AD.”

Nerium AD

Nerium Ad Become a Preferred Customer

Nerium Ad

Preferred Customer

One of our favorite things about working at Nerium International’s corporate

office is the opportunity we have to witness incredible Real
Results from our Nerium AD customers.

From their unbelievable “before” and “after” photos to their inspiring testimonials, Nerium AD is
Truly helps make people better.
Just look at the difference Nerium AD made in these untouched images of real customers:
It’s also incredibly fulfilling for us to hear about the many ways this product has improved someone’s life.

Check out these real stories
We’ve received from excited Nerium AD customers:

Nerium AD

Nerium AD Preferred Customer

“I have had an embarrassing skin condition for years. This condition causes dry red areas on my face and forehead. I have tried every
Cream, potion, and lotion known to man, both over the counter and prescription. I’ve had to use expensive prescriptions to ‘reduce’
Flare-ups. Needless to say, I was a bit skeptical about my personal results [with Nerium AD]. After just one week, I began to see remarkable
Changes in my skin. At 14 days, you can see that the improvements are dramatic. Where other products have been temporary band-aids

At best, Nerium AD is actually healing my skin.

When you look good, you feel good, and I feel great! Thanks,Nerium AD!” – Dave S., VA
“I had my 14-year-old daughter tries NeriumAD for three nights. I took her ‘before’ picture, but have not had the chance to take an ‘after’
Yet! Miracle for teen acne! After spending over $200 on multiple products from the dermatologist that were a process to use and burned
Her skin, she does not complain when getting ready now! Oh, happy day!” – Laurie W., CA
“Over the past few years, I have been troubled with various skin issues, mainly on my face…I have had acne ever since I can
Remember, starting back in high school, and it has been plaguing my quality of life ever since. My trials and tribulations with this annoying
And the extremely frustrating problem is well evident from my numerous acne scars that had completely covered my face. The laundry list
Of medications and creams used to battle this condition, both over-the-counter and prescription is daunting and rather depressing. Due
To the fact that I have tried so many other medicines/creams/gels/ointments, I figured that there was no hope for me in sight. I have been
Using Nerium AD for 20 days now, and I’M EXCITED! I cannot remember the last time I felt this excited, confident, hopeful, and optimistic
About something. This product is truly amazing and there are millions of people out there looking for THIS PRODUCT!”– Jason K., TX
If you have a Nerium story to share or have some impressive “before” and “after” images from using Nerium AD, we’d love to hear from
You! Just send your testimonial with your name, location, and length of usage and/or your original, hires, untouched photos too

Or, if you have yet to begin using NeriumAD, be sure to take your “before” picture using a digital camera. Not only will your “before”
Picture help qualify you to enter our 90-Day Real Results Contest, but you will have a comparison for when you begin to see results.
If you don’t mind us quoting you are using your pictures, please let us know. You might just show up in a corporate update email, flyer, or
Brochure! Thanks for helping us share Nerium’s Real Results with the world!

You probably know by now that Nerium AD Age-Defying Treatment is a breakthrough product in the dominant category in the skin care
Industry. You may have also heard about our third-party clinical trials, which proved that Nerium AD dramatically reduces the appearance of:
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Hyperpigmentation
• Uneven skin texture
• Enlarged pores
• Aging or sun-damaged skin
But did you know that Nerium AD is also a nature-based product with no harsh ingredients? As such, it’s also noncomedogenic and safe
For all skin types. That’s because one of the main active ingredients in Nerium AD is NAE-8, a proprietary extract from the Nerium oleander
Plant. This beneficial extract was accidentally discovered through biotechnology research, and was subsequently researched, tested, and
Used in our third-party clinical trials before being available to you now in the form of high-performance skincare.
And because the average Nerium AD clinical trial participant experienced a 30% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and/or
Discoloration over a 30-day period, you can have confidence that Nerium AD will work wonders for you, too.
Here’s to Real Results!
The Nerium International Family
P.S. Because NeriumAD is packaged with an airless pump, sometimes it takes several pumps to begin dispensing the product. Please note
That this is perfectly normal and not indicative of a faulty bottle.

Nerium AD

One of the perks of being a Preferred Customer with Nerium International is the special product pricing you receive on your Auto-Delivery
Order. But that’s just the beginning!
When you personally sponsor at least three (3) other Preferred Customers whose Auto-Delivery Order totals the same amount or more
Than your Auto-Delivery Order, your next month’s product is FREE! All Preferred Customers can participate in the 3UR Free program.
You will receive free product every month, starting the month after you have:
• An Auto-Delivery Order (ADO) of 80 Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) or greater
• Three (3) or more personally sponsored Preferred Customers with an ADO
The total Auto-Delivery Volume (ADV) of your personally sponsored Preferred Customers must be 3 times the ADV of your order.
For example, if the total ADV of your personally sponsored Preferred Customers is 240 or more, then you can receive one bottle of
Nerium AD for free (you pay shipping and handling only). You can earn up to a total of 250 ADV free every month!

What can really happen in 90 days? With Nerium, the answer is: a lot! For starters, you could improve your skin and win a luxurious spa
Vacation. How?
• Go online and register yourself for the 90-Day Real Results Contest.
• Take a “before” photo to document the state of your skin prior to using Nerium AD Age-Defying Treatment.
• For best results, use NeriumAD every day.
• At the first sign of results, submit a “progress” photo.
• After using NeriumAD for 90 days, submit an “after” photo, along with a story about the real results you experienced!
• Help your personally sponsored Preferred Customers register for the 90-Day Real Results Contest.
The prize? How about a 3-day, 2-night getaway to Miami, Florida, where you’ll be graciously hosted by the Four Seasons? Airfare, spending
Money, spa treatments, and transportation to and from the Miami airport are all included. Check out your website for more details.
So don’t forget to enter the 90-Day Real Results Contest, and make sure your personally sponsored Preferred Customers are
Registered, too.
Keep it Real!

According to Jeff Olson, Founder and CEO of Nerium International, Nerium AD “works and networks.” That’s because Nerium International is
In the highest-selling category within beauty, which is dermal. Within dermal, Nerium International is in the fastest-growing section of that,
Which is anti-aging. And when you combine a breakthrough product in the dominant category of the beauty industry with high customer
Retention due to unparalleled results, you get a foundation for a real opportunity.
This opportunity exists with Nerium International alone, as we own the exclusive global rights to both present and future products produced
By our biotech partner, Nerium Skin Care, a division of Nerium Biotechnology. Not only are the products exclusive, but these kinds of results
Are pretty hard to find, too.
So we invite you to become an Independent Brand Partner and join us in our mission to make people better! Ask your sponsoring Brand
Partner for complete details.
Here’s to the power of Real!
The Nerium International Family

Nerium AD

Why You Need Nerium AD Age-Defying Treatment ?

James Buckle | Nerium International Independent Brand Partner | Nerium Age Defying Treatment


Nerium AD

Nerium™ International Independent Brand Partner

How would you feel to be paid handsomely to be an enthusiast for a product you would use daily anyway? Nerium AD International gives you that opportunity with Nerium AD, the scientifically proven anti-aging cream with active ingredient, Nerium AD oleander.

At Nerium International we blend a dynamic mix of unique product, active direct sales force and market-driven corporate leadership, to work hard towards keeping the brand real. We follow a simple driving principal: we ‘go slow to go fast’, taking time to build a Nerium community of Brand Partners that gel like a family.

Nerium AD is such a dominant product line that we considered selling our cream directly to stores, but we saw the opportunity to spread the good news quickly by using network marketing as our preferred method of selling our goods. We developed a multi-level structure so compelling.Learn how you can be part of our success story with Nerium AD.

If network marketing starts with convincing friends and family of the merits of a product – the ‘wow the spouse’ reactionwith Nerium AD – then the success we have in word-of-mouth promotion to loved ones demonstrates that we have found a winning formula with Nerium AD. Our system shows you how to make profit, have fun, and improve your physical appearance: a compelling combination.

Our system includes the following:

1. The 5 benefits of becoming a Brand Partner and using Nerium AD ,Age-Defying Treatment

• Our use of real people to promote the brand, not hired celebrities that don’t use Nerium AD ;
• Our 30-day money back guarantee when you order Nerium AD;
• Our offer to provide you with Nerium AD for free;
• Our trickle-down rewards system;
• Our generous compensation plan.

2. Choosing which launch kit is right for you:

• Our Option 1 kit: Premier Success Pack (including 12 bottles of Nerium AD);
• Our Option 2 kit: Success Pack (including 5 bottles of Nerium AD).

3. How to set up and run a Real Results Party: a 5-day MLM experience with Nerium AD.

4. How to encourage preferred customers to share ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photographs after 5 days of using the product.

5. The ‘roadmap’ to securing gift incentives with Nerium AD:

• 3 Preferred Customers: get your own product free;
• 3 Brand Partners: get 10% coaching commission and promotion to senior Brand Partner;
• 3 Brand Partners, each with 3 Brand Partners; get iPad and promotion to Director with Nerium AD.
• 3 Directors, each with 3 Brand Partners, each 3 Preferred Customers: get Lexus and promotion to Senior Director.

6. The need for hard work to ensure your success

Be part of the Nerium family. Join us now. See positive results within days.

“improves/reduces/eliminates/fades the appearance of wrinkles/fine lines/etc.”

Real Ingredients for Success with Nerium AD

by Jeremy Gregg

Neruim skin care, nerium skin lotion, nerium AD lotion, nerium face lotion, nerium aging lotion, James Buckle,Nerium anti-ageing,nerium skin products

Nerium AD

Success rarely comes as a surprise. It is typically the product of years of hard work and dedication, arriving as the ultimate reward for a life well lived.

But occasionally, success can arrive in a different form than was expected. This is the story of Nerium International, one of the youngest companies in the direct selling industry that is tackling one of its oldest issues—how to hold back the hands of time.

The Accidental Company

Nothing about Nerium International has been predictable. In fact, the genesis of the company arrived through an accidental discovery in the labs of Nerium Biotechnology Inc., an international research and development company. While researching the potential uses of the Nerium oleander plant—previously considered little more than an ornamental plant—the scientists of Nerium Biotech discovered that the plant’s extract delivered remarkable age-defying results when applied to the skin.

“We had a eureka moment in our research labs when we stumbled upon what Nerium oleander could do for skin,” says Dennis Knocke, Chairman and CEO of Nerium Biotechnology Inc.

The Slight Edge,
by Jeff Olson

Nerium International is led by Jeff Olson, a veteran leader in the direct selling industry and the author of The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines Into Massive Success. In his book, Olson outlines a way of thinking and a way of processing information that he believes are critical to making the daily choices that lead to success in life and in business.

The book illustrates what he calls The 7 Slight Edge Principles:


The Slight Edge Book

1. Show Up
2. Be Consistent
3. Have a Good Attitude
4. Have a Strong Desire
5. Plant, Cultivate and Harvest
6. Be Willing to Pay the Price
7. Have Integrity

Nerium International includes a copy of The Slight Edge in every launch kit ordered by one of its Brand Partners. According to Olson, the book “establishes a common philosophy that defines our culture. Every great direct selling company eventually has to define a culture, a rhythm and a language for their company. The book has allowed Nerium International to do this from day one.”

The CEO and Founder of Nerium International, Olson has built several multimillion-dollar sales and marketing organizations, hosted seminars in every major city in the United States, and produced more than 900 television programs centered on personal development. Over the past 20 years, Olson has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals achieve better levels of financial freedom and personal excellence.

Nerium scientists then developed a proprietary process to extract the beneficial ingredients from the Nerium oleander plant in a way that preserved the unique components and beneficial properties of the plant. The resulting product is now the critical ingredient in NeriumAD™, a first-of-its-kind, age-defying night cream that is being marketed as the launch product for Nerium International.

Neruim skin care, nerium skin lotion, nerium AD lotion, nerium face lotion, nerium aging lotion, James Buckle,Nerium anti-ageing,nerium skin products

“We had a eureka moment in our research labs when we stumbled upon what Nerium oleander could do for skin.”
—Dennis Knocke, Chairman and CEO, Nerium Biotechnology Inc.

However, when the extract was first being developed, the leadership of Nerium Biotech was not even considering a direct sales strategy for distributing the product. Rather, they were speaking with traditional retail channels, direct marketing channels such as infomercials and sourcing companies who would source Nerium oleander into products. Ultimately, they determined that the strongest opportunity would be to develop their own product based on their proprietary extraction technology.

Once they made this decision, a member of Nerium Biotech’s board of directors expressed an interest in potentially partnering with one of the existing direct selling companies to market the product for them. As they embarked on the discovery process for this strategy, they met veteran network marketing leader Jeff Olson in Dallas.

Olson was consulting in the industry at the time, having enjoyed a long and successful career in a number of other direct selling companies. He had even written a best-selling book, The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines Into Massive Success, but had recently declined several offers to lead other MLM companies. Olson agreed to pursue the offer from Nerium for one reason:

“Integrity. I knew who these guys were and knew they were legitimate. I also knew that if what they were claiming was real, it would be a game-changer within the industry—not just within the anti-aging industry, but within all of skincare.”

The Nerium Biotech team presented Olson with a stack of peer-reviewed studies on the extract’s effects on the skin. Impressed but also aware of how critical it is for direct selling companies to defend their claims about their products’ performance, he demanded that they verify the findings with third-party clinical trials: “I knew that we needed to prove that this company was the real deal. One of the mantras that I’ve adopted is to ‘Go Slow to Go Fast.’ I wanted to ensure that we built a company that was worthy of this product.”

“One of the mantras that I’ve adopted is to ‘Go Slow to Go Fast.’ I wanted to ensure that we built a company that was worthy of this product.”
—Jeff Olson, Founder and CEO, Nerium International

Once the results came in, Olson was convinced. He then worked with Nerium Biotech and their subsidiary, Nerium Skincare, to form a partnership to market the product. This partnership became Nerium International, which is more than 30 percent owned by Nerium Biotech. Olson became Founder and CEO of Nerium International.

“Nerium Biotech is not our supplier; they are our business partner. This keeps Nerium International grounded in research and focused on the mission of changing lives,” says Dennis Windsor, President and Co-Founder of Nerium International.

According to several of the leaders at Nerium International, this is the opposite process that most direct selling companies follow. Nerium Biotech began first with its product, and then arrived at the direct sales process later. The result is a partnership poised for rapid growth within one of the largest and most competitive markets in the skincare industry.

“Nerium Biotech spent two years searching for the best way to market this revolutionary product that they had discovered, and network marketing stood out as the best way for the company to expand globally while retaining control over the brand and the quality of the product,” says Amber Olson, Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Culture for Nerium International, as well as the daughter of Jeff Olson. “Nerium International now has globally exclusive rights to the proprietary ingredient that makes this product uniquely successful.”

Windsor adds, “This truly was an accidental discovery, and we are building a company whose success will be parallel to the real breakthrough. We are rapidly expanding nationally and building our global presence.”

Like its signature product, Nerium International has a unique ingredient that sets it apart from its competition—a formal partnership with a globally recognized biotech company. According to the company’s website, “Nerium Biotechnology’s scientists established the world’s only commercial farming operation for the cultivation of the Nerium oleander plant. With strict biomedical field protocols, the farm provides a dedicated and renewable biomass resource reserved exclusively for research and production.”

Joel Curtis, Director of Farm Operations for Nerium Biotechnology, says, “Our team takes very seriously the scientific protocols that are followed in establishing this biomedical orchard. We are passionate about what comes out of these fields because it is truly impacting people’s lives. This is more than a field of dreams; this is a Field of Life!”

Windsor adds: “There is a huge barrier to entry to get into this market. Nerium Biotech has made an enormous capital investment in getting this product launched and developed a proprietary process for extracting the essential ingredients from this plant that is difficult to grow and difficult to cultivate. They could have gone retail or sold this product through an infomercial, but they chose direct selling as the best way to get this product to market.”

Even after this significant up-front investment, Nerium Biotech invested another 12-18 months in developing Nerium International into its marketing partner. The senior staff members were in place for nearly a year before the company took its first application from a potential distributor, or Brand Partner.

Another key ingredient is the role of third-party evaluators, such as ST&T Research in San Francisco. This firm recently completed a comprehensive analysis of the impact of NeriumAD™ by using a face-mapping technology to gauge the impact of the products on reducing the signs of aging on skin; this same technology was originally used to detect imperfections in microchips.

ST&T Research in San Francisco found in its study that NeriumAD™ delivered an average 30 percent reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging within 30 days.

The result was a rigorous scientific study that proved that NeriumAD™ delivered an average 30 percent reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging within 30 days. In decades of research and testing, ST&T had never seen results of this magnitude. These results were also confirmed by a third-party plastic surgeon, who reviewed the results of ST&T’s tests and gave positive reviews to NeriumAD™. The company is so confident in its results that it has even posted videos on its website to present them along with a public Facebook page that allows any of Nerium International’s customers to post their own before-and-after photos.

Neruim skin care, nerium skin lotion, nerium AD lotion, nerium face lotion, nerium aging lotion, James Buckle,Nerium anti-ageing,nerium skin products

Nerium AD

“This is the real differentiator for Nerium—our product works better than any others out there. NeriumAD™ truly sells itself,” says Renee Olson, Co-Founder and Corporate Liaison. “The simplicity of our product line also allows our Brand Partners to carry a single product. This means that they don’t have to buy a massive inventory to be successful. We focus on equipping people to be very successful, very quickly. We want to make it as simple as possible to succeed.”

“We keep the price as low as possible to create a large footprint, something that we can do since we are not sourcing ingredients from a supplier.”
—Amber Olson, Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Culture, Nerium International

Nerium International also benefits tremendously from what Amber Olson describes as a “seed-to-bottle” form of vertical integration that allows complete control of the product. This also allows the company to charge a price point that is comparable to its competitors whose results cannot compete with those of NeriumAD™, she says. “Our price point is around $80 for a product that would be sold at around $200 through retail. We keep the price as low as possible to create a large footprint, something that we can do since we are not sourcing ingredients from a supplier but essentially sourcing them ourselves through our partners at Nerium Biotech.”

Jeff Olson added, “Every day thousands of people walk into thousands of department stores across the country and pay more for products that produce far inferior results than ours.”

According to Windsor, nine of the top 10 companies in the direct selling industry are in the beauty segment, and age-defying skin treatment is among the top two or three markets within that segment: “The bull’s-eye is anti-aging skin care.”

During its development phase, Nerium International invested significant time and resources in developing a way for Brand Partners to get started quickly, affordably and successfully. The company offers a very robust starter kit that Windsor describes as being designed to wow the spouse who is used to asking, “Are you in another one of those network marketing deals?”

“The bull’s-eye [in direct selling] is anti-aging skincare.”
—Dennis Windsor, Co-Founder and President, Nerium International

The company’s compensation plan includes a generous offer to provide Brand Partners with free products for their own personal use or to help them further build their business. For example, when three customers sign up for a monthly auto-delivery, the Brand Partner will receive a free shipment of their own monthly supply. Brand Partners also receive free bottles of the product for every auto-delivery order that they sell, allowing them to quickly build a sizable inventory of products that can be used to make further sales. Windsor says, “Our products really sell themselves.”

Amber Olson outlines three primary reasons why Nerium International has been so successful since its launch: First, the product excites people—and the customers are becoming an active sales force themselves.

Second, the leadership is very dedicated to the ultimate success of the company’s Brand Partners; they have over 150 years of combined direct selling experience, with an average of at least 20 years.

Third, the company works very hard to keep the culture “real.”

Amber Olson beams with pride as she describes her job as being focused on building community among the Brand Partners and their customers, centered on a product that provides true results: “We want them to feel like this is their home, like they belong here at Nerium.”

Keeping It Real

Neruim skin care, nerium skin lotion, nerium AD lotion, nerium face lotion, nerium aging lotion, James Buckle,Nerium anti-ageing,nerium skin products

Nerium AD

“When we were first starting the company, we put one word on the wall—REAL,” says Windsor.

Despite the youth of the company, this strategy has already led to some very creative and highly effective marketing campaigns. Rather than relying entirely on the professionally produced before-and-after shots that similar companies employ within their marketing materials, Nerium International has a public Facebook page where it invites customers to post their own photos. The company has a dedicated employee focused exclusively on social media, which recently allowed them to have a “Bottom Drawer” campaign in which their customers were encouraged to take a picture of the bottom drawer in their bathroom.

The tongue-in-cheek campaign confirmed some important assumptions for the company. According to Amber Olson, “the photos frequently had five to seven half-empty bottles of similar products that had disappointed customers. Our goal is to provide a single product that replaces all of these while delivering superior results.”

Prior to joining Nerium International, Amber Olson owned and operated a medical spa; the experience provided her with a deep understanding of the competitive landscape and how Nerium AD™ stands out as a product. “All of the products that we sold were essentially the same ingredients in different packages. Nerium AD™ contains a groundbreaking new ingredient, allowing our product to truly sell itself.”

She goes on to say, “Our customers previously had to use four to five different products to achieve anything close to these results. We can now give them a single night cream that can deliver the best results they’ve ever had in improving discoloration, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fighting the signs of aging.”

Having a product that stands on its own merits allows the company to have a much more authentic form of branding and a less aggressive form of sales, continues Amber Olson. In addition to a Real Results Party that is similar to the group sales events other MLM companies employ, Nerium International equips its Brand Partners with the ability to give their potential customers a Five Day Experience—dropping off a week’s worth of products and taking a photo of a person, then returning five days later to take another photo and show them the comparison results. “It is easy to gain loyal customers when you lead with a product that wins, and not a sales pitch.”

Nerium International is now in every state, as well as the U.S. Territories of Guam and Puerto Rico. To build their global presence, the company has hired Senior Vice President of Global Operations, Trevor Scofield who has experience working in 30 different countries. At least six countries are slotted to open their doors to Nerium International in the near future.

“In six months we have accomplished success that historically only 1 percent of new companies achieve,” says Jeff Olson. “We are very proud of the customer acceptance of NeriumAD™, because long-term customers are the foundation of a long-term business for our Brand Partners.”

Launched with Nerium AD™ as its only product, the company now has over eight other products under development. These niche products, such as an eye cream and a targeted age spot product, will complement the core product of NeriumAD™. Windsor continues, “The top concern in the world when it comes to beauty is keeping skin looking younger for longer. This is no longer just for older people. Our market is 18+ since the alertness is a lot higher about skincare.”

“We have the right team with the right hearts and the right experience. We have a product that is one of the best breakthroughs in the past 20 years, but we want to be more than that. We want to integrate the best of personal development into everything.

We want to build one of the best direct sales companies in the world with Nerium ad the Age-Defying Treatment


The Importance of Nerium AD

Nerium AD

If you’ve been reading Nerium reviews lately, you know that we offer an exclusive

anti-aging Nerium skin care product.

 These breakthrough products, such as Nerium AD™,

 are made possible by Nerium International’s partnership with Nerium Biotechnology, In

In Nerium AD ‘s first year of marketing it’s first skin care product, we broke sales

 records and people noticed.

 Nerium reviews reveal that our product has made a significant impact in the

 lives of people with aging skin,

 and our consumers are eager to learn more.

Nerium AD

Nerium AD

It’s important that you understand that third-party preclinical and

clinical trials are essential before

 the release of any Nerium skin care product on the market. This is especially

 the case with Nerium oleander,

 a plant that had never before been harnessed for use in skin care products.

 We undertook extensive safety testing and have worked closely with MDs,

 PhDs, medical pharmacologists, and toxicologists make sure we understood

 the results of the clinical trials.

This final report was presented by Dennis Knocke, CEO of Nerium Biotechnology,

at a recent toxicology conference: “As a result of the studies, the study design,

and data captured, Nerium AD has no evidence.

of toxicity and no absorption into the systemic circulation.

” To hear the full comments on the safety of Nerium AD

watch this

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>video</a>.

In our clinical trials, ST&T Research found our product capable of reducing

the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration by 20 to 60 percent.

Because of these findings, both in the lab and with our customers,

Nerium AD skin care reviews are almost exclusively positive as customer satisfaction

soars when using Nerium AD.

Our innovative product has led to us being featured in several well-known publications,

 including being the youngest company ever to be featured in

Success from Home magazine.

 Nerium was also chosen to be notably featured in Beautiful You magazine, 

of which the flagship edition is being published today, Nov. 5, 2012.

Beautiful You provide beauty, fitness, career, health and personal development advice

and inspiration for women of all ages, helping them to become beautiful inside and out.

We are honored to have Nerium AD featured in the very first issue!

Deborah Heisz, Publisher of Beautiful You magazine, had this to say about

why they chose

NeriumAD as their first product spotlight,

” This issue shines the spotlight on a young company making impressive

strides in the skin care industry.

This magazine shows quite a few “before” and “after”

pictures submitted by Nerium customers.

These aren’t professional models.

They are men and women who were so excited about the

difference they saw in their skin after using Nerium AD

that they were willing to bare their make-up free faces to the world.

When you see their results, you’ll understand why.”

Nerium AD

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